Sisga and Los Volcanes

Two weeks ago we had another urge to step out of the pollution of Bogota and spend the weekend relaxing in nature. We heard there are different spots with hot springs close to Bogota, so we started listening to our Bogota friends what would be the best spot: Choachi or Macheta?

Apparently Choachi is incredibly crowded, while Los Volcanes in Macheta are easy-going and small hot springs, completely surrounded by nature… So we decided to go for the last option and were lucky to have Lotte and Daniel (remember: Lulo Travel 😉 ) joining us. We went with their car, as going by bus is possible but slightly more complex if you don’t know where you need to get off exactly.


On our way to Macheta we made a stop at the artificial Sisga lake for a walk. Yep, another artificial lake – Colombia is full of them. (They help control floods, store drinking water, produce electricity and are often used for recreation – 70% of Colombian electricity production is done with Hydropower.)


After the hike we drove another 30 minutes to Los Volcanes where we spent the rest of the weekend: camping on a nice plot of land a couple of minutes up the hill… Total price for 2 days of hot springs + camping with 2 people: 130k COP (=40 EUR)… Pretty cheap, right?


As true Colombians we were ‘prepared’, and thus we packed our lovely blue swimming hats (since in most pools in Colombia it is mandatory to wear one of these).



After 2 days of steaming in the baths, we took a 1 hour walk to Macheta to discover the small typical Colombian village.

In short: 2 days of Colombian purity and relaxation!


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