Cartagena de Indias

During the same long weekend we went to Islas del Rosario, we first spent 2 days enjoying Cartagena: a city full of colors, flowers, fruit, architecture and happy people.


Cartagena has this magic mix of colonial buildings, nice renovations, good bars and restaurants and… cruise ships full of germans + slightly over-priced hotels ;-). But those last 2 elements you quickly forget, blinded by the beauty of the city.



On our first day we discovered the old city center in the morning, and in the afternoon we enjoyed the beach and went kayaking (Boca Grande).

We tried out different bars and restaurants, but I guess our all-time-favorites are:

  1. Carmen, super good Caribbean fusion-food, served in a beautiful patio. In Colombian terms an expensive restaurant, in European terms a mid-priced restaurant.
  2. Alquimico + rooftop pop-up, stunning interior and a nice pop-up rooftop concept with fully customized cocktails (see pictures below)



The city itself is large enough to spend at least 2 days strolling in the small streets of the old center and the Getsemani neighborhood just next to it.

“And so we go… combining tears and laughter on our way to meet our dreams.” – Graffiti message written by “the Poet of the night”.


On the second day we strolled around with Tine’s parents, watching locals doing their dance performance…



Cartagena is the perfect place to mix relaxing and culture!


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