Los Llanos – Colombian flatland

Just before going to Belgium for a couple of days, we spent Tine’s birthday in Los Llanos. A region quite unknown to foreign tourists and their Lonely Planet / Rough Guide. The road to get there used to be extremely dangerous some 10 years ago, with both Farc and rebel groups controlling part of the territory. Now it’s completely safe and accessible to enjoy nature, horseback riding and bbq (asado).

We took a bus from Bogota to Villavicencio (3 hours) and spent the first night there to have a safe stop before going into the flatland.


The next morning we went off by jeep to a little town called Restrepo, and from there we arranged another driver to bring us to the Eco-lodge Cosmogenesis.

This lodge is a permaculture project combined with eco-tourism, with super friendly and helpful hosts, taking good care of their guests.

With the Eco-lodge as a base, we went horseback riding in Gramalote, a nearby ranch. They are super well organized and have horses for all type of experienced horseback riders (level 1=”please go faster horse!” to 5=”this feels like a rodeo, please stop being so neurotic horse”). A 3 hour tour costs only 60k COP and gets through some rivers and beautiful nature.

Next to the horseback riding there’s plenty of walks, birdwatching and relaxing to do.

After 3 days of relaxing and enjoying nature, we took a bus from the town Cumaral (just next to Restrepo) directly to Bogota.


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