Finca del Cafe

Our last stop of the Christmas holidays: visiting a coffee farm and learning how the Colombians cultivate and produce coffee. From selecting the right seeds (hand-picking and de-pulping), to growing the plants, to selecting the ripe beans, to molding and processing them, to roasting them on the stove, and finally grinding them to drink a delicious coffee.

The Finca del Cafe and its coffee plantations are Cultural Landscape of Colombia, declared by Unesco. The accommodation itself is also really worth it. We had a nice room with a view on the garden and the mountains behind. It was a present for Louis and they really took that serious!


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  1. christine Lammertyn says:

    Amai, jullie doen nogal uitstappen! moet er daar niet gewerkt worden of is 20 uren per week genoeg?
    Geniet er maar van! wij genieten van de mooie beelden-zo zien we ook iets van de wereld…


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