The lake and town of Guatapé are a 2-3 hours drive from Medellin. We stayed in the beautiful Casa Encuentro, a boutique hostel at walking distance from the town, and a green oasis full of friendly people. The living room, chill-out room with hammocks, and dorms have all amazing views on the lake.

Just like the lake of Guatavita, the lake of Guatapé is an artificial water basin to produce electricity. It feels very natural, with a labyrinth of little islands (that used to be little hills before the area was flooded). We went kayaking on the lake for a couple of hours, semi-lost in between the islands… Imagine: only the sound of the peddles in the water, spectacular views on the hilly islands, and a romantic sunset / night kayaking session (Louis’ dream ;-)).

The morning after, we climbed up the Peñón de Guatapé. A natural rock of 70 million years old that can be seen from far away. When you reach the top (700 stairs!), it gives you a spectacular overview of the lake and the islands…


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