Santa Fe de Antioquia

After 4 days in the city of Medellin, we decided to move to a sleepy, colonial town, 80 kms from Medellin. Sante Fe is the oldest town in Antioquia, it used to be the capital when it was founded in 1541. It still has this authentic character: narrow streets, cobble stones, woodwork, patios and courtyards, pastel colors – very charming! It’s at an altitude of only 500 m, so it feels tropical and hot in Santa Fe, swimming pool required!

Like in most Colombian towns around Christmas and New Year, they were having their ‘fiestas del pueblo’. There were not a lot of tourists in Santa Fe, so we were completely absorbed by the local culture and the typical games and contests, 100% folklore 🙂

Concept of the dirty pole: put a completely greased 15 meter bamboo pole in the middle of the square and let everyone who wants climb up to clean of the grease without slipping down. The higher you climb, the more money you get…


Santa Fe is also known for the “oldest suspension bridge in the Americas”: the Puente de Occidente. It’s built over the Cauca River in 1887 in wood, iron and steel, and is a national monument in Colombia now.


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