Bogota tripping

Recently, the city opened controlled walking paths in the mountains around Bogota. We did the ‘Quebrada de la Vieja’ twice, this path starts very close to Chapinero (calle 72, a 1.5 hour walk). We had some astonishing views on our giant city of 9 million people… and at the same time we felt like being in the middle of nature!

We’re now definitely installed in our appartement in Chapinero: we bought all material Tine needs for drawing / hang her drawings; we already tested out our terrace for lunch and for siesta; and Lies sent us a belgian present full of chocolate and cheese, which found a great place in our kitchen!

Furthermore we love to hang out with friends: walking in Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar; visiting la biblioteca Virgilio Barco (architecture of local star Rogelio Salmona); kayaking in Parque de los Novios; brunching in Chapinero Alto; cycling on the Ciclovia de dia ànd de noche (= special event before Christmas); partying on Lotte and Daniel’s rooftop… 😉


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