Parque Macanal

Long weekend! We left Bogota on Saturday afternoon. As leaving Bogota by car is not so easy (and certainly not on long weekends) we arrived only at “aperitivo” hour in the Macanal reserve. The house of architect Fernando Cortes is a great place to relax in good company and with a good drink (and what a view!). Enjoying the sunset, we started to explore the super-biodiverse and semi-tropical nature park.

The Reserva Bosques Macanal is a nature reserve open for the public (after reservation and with a nature guide). Year by year the annual number of visitors is increasing, but you can be pretty sure you will have the huge park almost for yourself if you book in the coming months. Visit their website here to get more information on sleeping (in the lovely house), camping, or visiting the park. (We’re helping to push more people to visit the park, because without increasing income the reserva cannot be maintained and defended during increasing road constructions around the reserve).

Exploring and hiking is what we did the morning after; first we installed our tent in the woods! Not too far from the house… Fernando told us there are bears living in the woods 😉

Sunday morning we woke up with birds singing (and a burning sun on our tent). We took a good breakfast with Fernando and began a precious hike in the woods. The walk was characterized with lots of great view points, inspiring brainstorm sessions on the future of the reserve, philosophical talks and lots of sweat.

Monday was a cloudy day, but that didn’t stop us to do a small walk at the other side of the park. We wanted to see everything before returning to Bogota! The wood in the clouds, a very special feeling…


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